Italian-born, London-based Alessandro Ciminata started his musical journey in his hometown, Biella, before moving to London to pursue a career in music.

‘I was playing basketball and football, honestly I was quite bad at it. In my teenage-years I bought my first guitar. I had quite a difficult time at school and this led me to anxiety. Playing guitar was the only thing where I was finding relief. Alone in my room, lights off, amp on.’

‘So I started to play guitar in a couple of rock bands in my hometown, growing up with my best mates. Experimenting from punk to prog-rock, playing shows and writing tunes. It was our way to have fun and express ourselves in the reality of a small town. The music community was kinda cool too, we all knew each other and that was inspiring. However, that was it. I couldn't find a way to move forward, living in a small town was cool but for me it was a limit.’

‘One day everything changed. My mum called me and told me to run in front of the TV where a talented guy was playing guitar. He was John Mayer, playing at Michael Jackson's funeral. From that day, I felt in love with John's music and I realised I wanted to become a singer-songwriter.’

I always loved London and its music scene, so I’ve packed my dreams and hopes and took my first flight ever, destination London town.’

‘I was scared to fly, freaking out really, but I wanted to be part of the London music scene so bad! I wasn’t caring about anything else! I flew to the UK with my girlfriend, she never stopped supporting me. We didn't even have a bed booked for the night, we walked around the city hoping for the best.’

‘I remember the first dinner we had in London. At Burger King, barely touching our food, starring at each other, with our eyes full of tears. We didn't know what we were doing but we wanted it so bad.’


‘Luckily, things have changed now. We are working hard for making our dreams come true!’

Pop songs with substance, meaningful lyrics, dreamy guitars, punchy synths, 80s beats and that unique deep vocal tone led Ciminata to create his own distinctive sound that he defines as ‘retro-tinged Indie/Pop’.

After a busy couple of years, releasing a string of singles, finding his own sound, and selling out his London debut headline show at The Waiting Room. Ciminata is now set to release his debut EP in February 2020 and playing his biggest headline show to date on March 26th 2020.

"He's already established himself as one to watch throughout the rest of 2019. - The Line Of Best Fit

“Slender guitar line against flecks of electronics. “ – Clash Magazine

"It’s impossible not to compare it to major acts such as The Chainsmokers but there's still a uniqueness that sets it apart and beautifully it's own." - EARMILK

“A rising talent that’s on the path of capturing the hearts and souls beyond his London quarters.” - The 405

“Ciminata seems to be on a steady climb to garnering bouts of well-deserved attention and acclaim” - TMRW

"Moody new wave-influenced pop, full of rousing chord progressions and framed around his deep, attention-grabbing vocals." - Complex UK

"Ciminata continue to explore his signature expansive, minimalistic sound. It's a sound that's been phenomenally well-received thus far." - The Line Of Best Fit

“We believe this is a singer that could be on the verge of becoming huge. And have wementioned he is still unsigned?” - Where The Music Meets

“He’s carving its own lane into something entirely unique” - Euphoria Magazine